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Projects underway at NGHRI

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    Water Resource Management

    Green Hydrogen, a climate friendly energy: can be extracted from water using electricity to separate hydrogen from oxygen, which is a perfectly clean and safe way to produce Hydrogen. Using water as a feedstock for developing molecular hydrogen as a fuel and energy storage medium. Clean water is crucial for this process, as a result, it will be very important for any hydrogen producer setting up operations in Namibia to carefully consider water availability and prepare detailed contingency plans. Water can be sourced either through the local water supply, groundwater or desalination of sea water.

    The latter is more often used since it is deemed a renewal resource and therefore sustainable and is in abundance in Namibia (especially along the Coast). However, there are numerous adverse effects on the environment associated with desalination. And these negative effects must be ameliorated to reduce or remove the negative impacts altogether.

    Taking into account the above mentioned it is recommended that a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) be undertaken to provide information on the following elements:

    • Water use: source, consumption requirements, purification technology and components, fate and impacts of any wastewater generated by the purification process and fate and associated environmental impacts of reject fraction of the desalinated by the electrolyser (desalination process).
    • Waste water management
    • Water quality analysis – quality requirements
    • Water quality monitoring
    • Water management plan for the Green Hydrogen station
    • Source of water - concern is expressed on disposal and source of water needed to produce hydrogen.
    • Water re-use, mineral/salts recovery and disposal.
    • Heat (recovery from the desalination process)
    • Wind/solar energy

    Capacity building

    • 1xPhD
    • 3x MSc students
    • 3x BSc students
    • 1 x Post Doc