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Projects underway at NGHRI

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    Wind Power

    Namibia is currently a net importer of all forms of energy, therefore aggressive and innovative measures are required to address the status quo and promote a sustainable future. Green hydrogen production is both technically and economically viable.

    We believe that Namibia with its excellent wind energy potential along the coastal areas, is well placed to produce green hydrogen at a cost-competitive price. In addition, with Walvis Bay as a deep-sea port, strategically located could facilitate the export of green hydrogen. Hydrogen production has a potential to create massive employment opportunities and economic growth.

    Potential research areas and projects:

    • Feasibility study and assessment of potential sites to setup a 5 MW pilot wind plant.
    • Investigate and model the behaviour of the wind profiles in specified sites.
    • Design and development of a 5 MW pilot wind plant.
    • Setting up academic programs both undergraduate and postgraduate in the School of Engineering and the Built Environment or under the Green Hydrogen Research Institute in collaboration with MRC. This also includes developing short courses for capacity building.
    • Establishment of Zero Emissions and hydrogen fuel stations laboratories.
    • Wind energy forecasting and quality assessments.
    • Wind turbine performance assessments.
    • Operation and maintenance strategies of wind turbines.
    • Development of project funding proposals.
    • Conference and publications

    Key Deliverables (over 5 years)

    • MW wind plant.
    • At least 5 masters and 3 PhDs graduates.
    • At least 8 conference papers and 3 journal papers.